Vacuum tanker

 Vacuum tanker

KOKS Group, a well-known brand for vacuum tankers and super suckers.

Koks special products specializes in designing and manufacturing market leading Vacuum tankers or Vacuum trailers. Established in 1989. Based on almost 25 years of experience the Koks special products vacuum tankers are used worldwide within a broad variety of industries.

Koks special products proofed itself to be a very reliable partner when it comes to producing, maintaining and supplying vacuum tankers in particular heavy industries.

vacuum tanker


Our vacuum tankers

The vacuum tankers are always equipped with the most efficient and latest vacuum pumps. The Koks special products vacuum tankers are designed for all trucks across the range. The vacuum tankers are on demand made out of the highest grade stainless steel, aluminum or even carbonized steel. The vacuum tanker can for instance be equipped with or without jetting tools, build for multiple axles or with a tipper function for offloading the sucked substances into big bags. The requests and demands of our customers for a vacuum truck in order to meet their purposes goes deeply into the production process. The vacuum truck, vacuum loader or vacuum lorry will be suitable for all trucks considering their GVW Gross Vehicle Weight.

ADR certificates vacuum tankers

In order to meet all the purposes in hazardous (liquid) waste transportations with the use of vacuum tankers. The vacuum tankers are designed and tested to meet all the safety regulations. Such as all PED ATEX ADR safety certificates. Making all the ADR transportation of hazardous waste and liquids possible. Also our vacuum trucks are PED ATEX approved. Whether your ADR transport will be hazardous or non-hazardous, Koks supplies all kinds off vacuum tankers suitable for every vacuum or liquid transportation purpose.

Vacuum tanker purpose designed suitable for all Industries

Our vacuum tankers are suitable for a broad variety of industries. Whether operating in highly contaminated areas, transporting all kinds of liquid wastes, tanking sludge. Or for all kinds of suction and vacuum transports within the oil or gas industries. For every job there will be a suitable vacuum tanker. For waste liquid disposal our vacuum tankers are equipped with a liquid ring vacuum pump.


Vacuum tanker spare parts

Besides our highly professional vacuum tanker and vacuum industry trained employees whom will always be at your service. All of our vacuum tanker spare parts are in house stocked and sourced. Assuring a vacuum tanker life time supply of every spare part possible. A fast shipment and replacement of spare parts for every vacuum tanker will be secured.

Vacuum tankers for dry or liquid substances.

Our vacuum tankers have multiple purposes. For suction of hazardous liquids or either contaminated dry substances we have the perfect vacuum tanker, vacuum lorry or vacuum loader.


Our vacuum tankers are:

  • Made for suction blowing and excavating of liquids and solid materials.
  • PED ADR / ATEX approved.
  • Made out of the most durable materials
  • Equipped with the most newest and efficient vacuum pumps.
  • Available for all trucks considering their GVW
  • Used to be called Super Suckers!
  • Manufactured as a vacuum loader, vacuum trailer or vacuum truck.
  • Easy to be maintained and operated.
  • Suitable for bulk handling

 vacuum tankervacuum tanker

vacuum tankervacuum tanker

vacuum tankervacuum tanker


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